Vaccine Injury Prevention Program – Single Vaccine Or Combination

$449.00 $349.00


Vaccine Injury Prevention Program For Any  Single Vaccine or Combination of  Vaccines

Note: You must first complete the form here before paying for this service to be sure we have current openings.  Spaces are limited in this Vaccine Injury Prevention Program.  This consultation is for parents of infants, children, teens or college students, medical students, hospital workers and mission workers who cannot obtain a legal vaccine exemption and must be vaccinated.

Vaccine Injury Prevention Program

  • This program consists of a free online Course that must be completed prior to scheduling a consultation.
  • A consult is 1 hour by Skype to customize the program based on the vaccine(s) required.
  • A $75 monthly fee applies for the duration for the program for additional email support following the consultation.
  • This fee does NOT include the required the homeopathic remedies or the recommended hair testing and/or any nutritional supplements.
  • This program includes a written instructions, the use of homeopathic methods, homeopathic detox methods plus nutritional supplements and other specific strategies that help to reduce the risk of serious vaccine injury from planned vaccinations.
  • You will be provided detailed written instructions of how to independently follow the Program to help prevent a vaccine injury for a scheduled vaccine(s).

Program fees are non-refundable once paid.