Vaccine Injury Prevention Program – Yellow Fever Vaccine Only



Vaccine Injury Prevention Consultation – Yellow Fever Vaccine Only

Note: You must first complete the form here before paying for this service to be sure we have current openings.  Spaces are limited in this Vaccine Injury Prevention Program.

  • This vaccine detox protocol is for the Yellow Fever Stamril Vaccine  detox ONLY.
  • A $75 monthly fee applies for the duration for the program for additional email support following the consultation.
  • This fee does NOT include the required the homeopathic remedies or the recommended hair testing and/or any nutritional supplements.
  • This program includes a written instructions, the use of homeopathic methods, homeopathic detox methods plus nutritional supplements and other specific strategies that help to reduce the risk of serious vaccine injury from planned vaccinations.
  • You will be provided detailed written instructions of how to independently follow this Program to help prevent a vaccine injury for this scheduled vaccine.

Program fees are non-refundable once paid.