Acute Kit 200C Home Remedy Kit (100 Remedies)

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This kit has 100 remedies in a 200C potencies of the most common acute remedies. The acute remedy kit contains 1/2 dram of each remedy listed below in a labeled, sealed glass vials in a convenient plastic storage case.

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Includes a free copy helpful E-Book: “About Homeopathy: Beginner’s Guide and Tips”.  You will receive an email link for downloading this book after your payment is processed.

Kit Contents:
The Home Remedy Kit contains 1/2 dram vials of the most useful acute and chronic care remedies, including several nosodes, for treating adults and children with autoimmune diseases, as well as children with Autism, PANS/PANDAS, etc. It is also used for covering the most common polycrest remedies for chronic cases, including the major nosodes.

The Home Remedy Kit contains a 1/2 dram vial of pill for each the 100 remedies listed below in a 200C potency.