Acute Travel Kit – Top 10 Remedies

$125.00 $75.00


Acute Travel Kit – Best Travel Remedies (10)
Includes 10 of the most helpful remedies in a 200C potency to take trips for on hikes, biking, camping plus for all travel purposes including vacations, mission trips, overseas trips.

The normal cost per remedy is $12.00 each, buying the Acute Travel Kit for $75 compared to buying each of the 10  single remedies is a cost $7.50 each, a savings of $4.50 per remedy!

For storage and protection of your remedies, add these options

  1. Convenient protective foam My Travel Case that holds 20 remedies.
  2. Protective plastic Mini Kit Case that holds 4 -5 remedies.

Read more about travel remedies here.

Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies To Take Traveling or Outdoors and their most common uses are:

  1. Apis – bee and insect stings that are red, hot and swelling.
  2. Arnica – #1 remedy used initially for trauma, blunt blows, concussion, bruises.
  3. Arsenicum – food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea.
  4. Belladonna – fever, sun stroke, throbbing headaches.
  5. Calendula – cuts and lacerations, prevents skin infections.
  6. Cantharis – sunburn, bladder infections that burn.
  7. Ledum – tick bites, insect or bug bites, Lyme disease prevention.
  8. Ignatia – shock of bad news, grief, emotional trauma, loss of loved one.
  9. Nux Vomica – jet lag, overindulgence of food or drink, nausea, constipation.
  10. Rhus Tox – poison ivy, muscle aches from exertion, arthritis flares.