AIT Services Consultation Fee



AIT Services Consultation Fee – $150 for 1 Hour

Note: You must first complete the form at the AIT Institute before paying for this consultation service and complete an online AIT Checklist before requesting consultation for starting  any AIT At Home services.  AIT

  • AIT consults are $150 for a one (1) hour phone or skype video consultation with the Director of the AIT Institute.
  • A photo of the person(s) for AIT services must also be provided, for internal purposes only.
  • Auditory Integration Training is a sound based therapy that consists of 20 hours complete over 10 days.  Sessions are 30 minutes per day for 2 sessions daily with a minimum of 3 hours between sessions.
  • Families borrowing our professional equipment for the therapy so no equipment purchase is required.

Read about AIT – Auditory Integration Training  at