Arsenicum Album 200CK


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Arsenicum Album 200CK is a homeopathic remedy.

It is used currently by homeopaths for boosting immunity including to the Coronavirus 2019, (also known as COVID, COVID-19, nCOVID -19, Novus-CV 2019) as well as for common colds, flu-like viruses and the seasonal influenza (flu).

Recommended dosing instructions

  • The recommended dosing is 2 pills dissolved under the tongue once monthly for all family members.
  • Dose monthly if there influenza and COVID-19  cases in your area for help with prevention.
  • If there are many diagnosed cases (100+) in your direct area then the dosing is  2 pills dissolved under the tongue once weekly for all family members.
  • Infants who are exclusively breastfed are water dosed if not on solids and only breast feeding using 2 pills dissolved in 1 oz. water, with 1 tsp. is the dose using a sterile dropper with the same 15 minute rule.
  • Suggested time to dose the remedy is before bed.
  • Keep all doses at least 15 minutes before, after food, drink and teeth brushing.
  • Avoid the use of strong strong mouthwash with mint (toothpaste is allowed) as well when dosing. Avoid strong smelling essential oils including tea tree, camphor, eucalyptus and peppermint at least one day before and after all doses.

Remedy comes in a multi-dose 2 dram plastic vial with a convenient dispenser cap.
Each vial contains 80 quick dissolving pellets.
Buy accordingly if you have a large family to have enough supply for several weeks to months.

Inactive ingredients: Sucrose, lactose.