Hair Testing Lab Test & Written Interpretation (USA only)




About The Hair Testing Lab Test & Interpretation $150 (USA only)

The Hair Testing Fee is $150 and the hair testing kit is mailed to you along with a complete written interpretation.  This fee does not include a consult with the Homeopathy. Consultations are at an additional fee for 1 hour phone or Skype.

About The Hair Lab Test & Interpretation
All Tests are done through Analytic Research Labs, USAA Hair testing kit is mailed with written instructions for collecting a hair sample.  The report is mailed after completion of the test results.

This test includes both one (1) hair test and a complete written interpretation of the results.

  • Hair Test: This profile represents the basic Multi-Element Laboratory Assay that shows the mineral levels and ratios. The report includes test results shown graphically as a chart that identifies the person/client information and graphically illustrates the test results. The chart shows macro and micro minerals, toxic metals and significant ratios.
  • Hair Test Interpretation: A written, detailed and thorough interpretative work-up is provided by mail to that lists trends, provides a detailed explanation of the results, provides vitamin and mineral supplement recommendations and compares significant mineral ratios.

About Toxic Metals

  1. Toxic metals, no matter which ones, are not selective as far as where, or how they can be detected.
  2. Mercury amalgams as well as mercury found in fish, or other sources of contamination can be found in the blood, hair, and in urine, using a urine challenge test.
  3. Toxic metals do not always show up on a hair analysis test on the first test.
  4. Depending on the state of your body’s energy levels, it may take several tests before the toxic metals show up in the hair.
  5. Blood tests, unless the contamination is recent within a week or so, or unless it is a continuously occurring contamination, will not indicate the presence of toxic metals.
  6. Once a toxic metal leaves the blood, it is then either eliminated or stored in other organs and tissues of the body.

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