Homeopathic Immunizations: Children’s HP Course

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Homeopathic Immunizations: Children’s HP Course

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About The HP Children’s Program For 10 Diseases
Parents who want to provide the HP for their children may now enroll in the Children’s Homeoprophlyaxis Course.  This course covers all the basics plus the dosing instructions and guidelines for the program.

The ten (10) diseases for which natural immunity are increased in the Children’s HP program are: Pertussis  “Whooping cough”, Pneumococcal Disease, Polio, Haemophilus Influenza Type B (HIB), Meningitis, Tetanus, Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox and Influenza (Flu).

About The Children’s HP Course

  • Taking this  course is required for enrollment in the Children’s HP Program. 
  • The course fee is $50 (reduced from of a private one-on-one skype for dosing instructions of $150).
  • It takes only about 1 hour to complete online and includes a short quiz that must be passed to proceed with enrollment.
  • After completion of the course, to enroll a child in this program you must be supervised by an HP Practitioner.  All supervision is provided by Kari J. Kindem, Certified HP Practitioner by email.
  • A supervision fee is required. This fee covers email questions during the 50 month duration of this children’s program that are answered by  the HP Practitioner. The supervision fees for the Children’s HP Program are: $275 for the 1st child, $175 for the 2nd child, $75 for the 3rd or more children.  Large family discounts also apply.
  • The Children’s HP Kit is also required for $125 plus $12 shipping in

All HP dosing advice in the Children’s HP Course is provided by Kari J. Kindem, AIT Practitioner, CFHom, CHP, CEASE Practitioner, Classical Homeopath, HTMA Practitioner. Kari is a specialist in CEASE Therapy, classical homeopathy, hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), homeopathic detoxification, homeoprophylaxis (HP) and the effective recovery from vaccine injury. Read more about Kari and read testimonials from her practice.

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