Homeoprophylaxis: HP Supervision Fee: Children’s Program (10 Diseases)




Homeoprophylaxis: HP Supervision Fee: Children’s Program (10 Diseases)

Note: To buy this product you must first have completed the form and completed the online Course at https://immunizationalternatives.com/childrens-hp-course/. This Course is taught by Kari J. Kindem, Certified Homeoprophlyaxis Practitioner.

About HP Program Supervision Fees

  • The Homeoprophylaxis (HP) Supervision Fee for the HP Children’s Program for ten (10) diseases are as follows:
    • $275 for 1 child enrolled.
    • $450 for 2 children enrolled in the same family at the same time.
    • $525 for 3 children enrolled  in the same family at the same time.
    • $600 for 4 or more children enrolled in the same family at the same time.
  • This fee covers the ongoing HP supervision by email services for this HP Program with Kari J. Kindem, CFHom, CHP, CEASE, Classical Homeopath.

About The Children’s Standard HP Program
There are the ten (10) USA diseases protected in the Standard HP Program. The remedies required are in the HP Remedy Kit which is purchased for enrolled clients for $125 plus $12 shipping in the USA for this Program.

Our Homeoprophylaxis Program is normally done in this order and can begin after one (1) month of age for infants:

  1. Pertussinum nosode  – for  Pertussis  “Whooping cough”
  2. Pneumococcal nosode –  for Pneumococcal Disease
  3. Lathyrus Sativus remedy – for Polio
  4. Haemophilus nosode – for HIB Influenza, Type B
  5. Meningococcinum nosode – for Meningitis
  6. Tetanus Toxin Nosode – for Tetanus
  7. Morbillinum nosode – for Measles
  8. Parotidinum nosode – for Mumps
  9. Varicella Zoster nosode – for Chicken Pox
  10. Influenzinum nosode – for Influenza (flu)

The HP supervision fee covers the 50 month period of this Program. HP supervision by email services are provided by Kari J. Kindem, AIT Practitioner, CFHom, CHP, CEASE Practitioner, Classical Homeopath, HTMA Practitioner. Kari is a specialist in CEASE Therapy, classical homeopathy, hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), homeopathic detoxification, homeoprophylaxis (HP) and the effective recovery from vaccine injury. Read more about Kari and read testimonials from her practice.

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