Homeopathic Protocol For Lyme Disease



Homeopathic Protocol For Lyme Disease

This is the protocol by Peter Alec, author of the book “The Homeopathic Treatment of Lyme Disease”. This protocol is for an actual tic bite and for the prevention of chronic Lyme disease.

A $5 charge is included in the price for the below prescribed protocol.

Follow These Lyme Protocol Steps In This Order :

  1. Remove the tic and clean the area well.
  2. Be sure to save the tick and preserve it in alcohol in a glass jar for so possible future lab testing.
  3. Ledum 30C as 2 pills dissolved under the tongue, taken 2 times per day for days. Take the Ledum 30C for 3 days in a row, including the day of the tic bite and 2 days after the tic bite.
  4. On Day 6 and again on Day 12, take Aurum Arsenicosum 200C as 2 pills dissolved under the tongue.
  5. If this protocol is follow right away, this can help you avoid needing any antibiotics and chronic Lyme Disease issues that can develop in those with tic bites.
  6. Do not antidote the remedy doses.
  7. Keep all doses a minimum of 30 minutes before and after food, drink including water and teeth brushing.



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