Homeoprophylaxis HP Kit: CHILDREN (20) – Supervision Required

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Homeoprophylaxis HP Kit: CHILDREN (20) – Supervision Required

Supervision by a professional homeopath trained in Homeoprophylaxis or a licensed medical practitioner is required to purchase this product.

  • If you have not already done so, please complete the form at to request supervised HP services.
  • You must be enrolled in supervised HP program in order to purchase this Children’s HP Kit or other HP remedies.
  • Homeoprophylaxis Program Supervision services are available  via skype in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and to English speaking families globally. 
  • For questions about purchasing the HP Children’s Kit or homeopathic immunization services, please contact us.

Note To Families About Purchasing The HP Children’s Kit: To purchase this kit as a client, you must be currently enrolled in the HP Program at If you already have a qualified HP Practitioner, you must provide the name of your supervising HP Practitioner during checkout to purchase this kit and to prevent delays in shipping.

Note To Professionals About Purchasing The Children’s HP Kit: Homeoprophylaxis training and course certification is required for professional Homeopaths to purchase this kit. Licensed Naturopaths or Medical Doctors may purchase one (1) kit per patient and have it shipped directly to their patient.

About The Homeoprophylaxis (HP) Childhood Diseases Remedy Kit (20 remedies):
Standard USA HP Disease Program includes these ten (10) diseases in 200C and 10M potencies of each.  One kit is enough for completing HP for 4 family members.  HP dosing for the Children’s Program follows a specific protocol and takes 50 months of monthly dosing to complete the full supervised program for all diseases listed below. Source materials for these homeopathic nosodes are from Helios, UK.

The HP kit contains a total of 20 remedies in a convenient plastic storage case as follows in a 200C and 10M potency per remedy:

1. Pertussis / Pertussin – Pertussinum nosode – Whooping Cough
2. Pneumococcus – Pneumococcinum nosode (Pneumonia)
3. Polio – Lathyrus Sativus remedy
4. Hib – Haemophilus Influenza nosode
5. Meningitis – Meningococcus nosode
6. Tetanus – Tetanus nosode
7. Measles – Morbillinum nosode
8. Mumps – Parotidinum nosode
9. Chicken Pox – Varicella zoster
10. Influenza (Flu) – Influenzinum nosode

Add On Diseases to the Children’s Program:
These are available for an additional supervision fee and remedy cost per disease and include:

  1. Diphtherinum – Diphtheria
  2. Hepatitis B
  3. Rota Virus
  4. Rubella – German measles