Influenzinum – Influenza – Flu (All Strains) (HP Nosode)




This homeopathic remedy is used for homeoprophylaxis for influenza, the flu. Influenzinum is the homeopathic nosode made from Spanish Flu a subtype of H1N1 at 200C and above potencies.

This HP nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for ALL strains of influenza.

Supervision by a professional homeopath trained in Homeoprophylaxis or a licensed medical practitioner is required to purchase this product.

Influenzinum in 200C, 1M and 10M potencies are used in the various HP Kits and for short term and long term single disease protection for influenza (flu). It is used in Homeoprophylaxis (HP) programs for children, college students, medical students, adults, seniors, business travelers, and tourist HP programs.

To purchase Influenzinum 2018-2019 along with the written dosing instructions for Homeoprophylaxis for the flu only, please go to this link:




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1/2 dram glass vial, Pill Packet