Lyme Acute Treatment Remedy Kit (6 remedies)

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Lyme Treatment Acute Remedy Kit (6)

About The Lyme Kit: This Kit contains the most common basic homeopathic remedies used for the homeopathic prevention and treatment of Lyme Disease.

Our Acute Lyme Kit contains 6 remedies in 1-dram vials useful for the homeoprophylaxis and chronic treatment of Lyme disease.

The kit includes Ledum for post tick-bite homeoprophylaxis for tick-born infections.  The kit contains the following remedies in 1 dram vials:

  1. Aurum Arsenicum 200C
  2. Babesia 200
  3. Bartonella 200C
  4. Borrelia 200C (Lyme Disease Nosode)
  5. Ledum 200C
  6. Rhus Tox 200C

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