Short Term Homeopathic Care – 1 month $450



Short Term Homeopathic Care  – $450 For 1 Month (USA & Canada Only)

Note: You must first request short term care by completing the form here. Once Short Term Care has been agreed to with the Homeopath, you will then pay the fee on this page.

Not all health issues qualify for short term care.  Short term care is not available for autism, autoimmune diseases, all detox programs, vaccine injury and other chronic complex health issues of long term care duration. These types of complex cases will require six (6) months minimum of contracted homeopathic care.

  • The Short Care Consultation fee is paid in advance for the month of care.
  • The Short Term Care Fee includes a one (1) hour Skype consultation with homeopathic prescription.
  • It also includes one (1) weekly email check in as assigned for email based support for the first 30 consecutive days after the initial Skype consultation.
  • Each additional month of care after the first is $450 per month and is available up to three (3) consecutive months.